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FAQs on Term Insurance Plans

What is term life insurance plan?
Term life insurance plan is a basic form of insurance that offers death benefit for a fixed duration in return of periodic payment of the specific premium. In the tragic event of death of the insured person within this specified term, the insurance company pays the predetermined benefits (usually the sum assured) to the beneficiaries mentioned in the policy. There are no benefits from the policy if the insured survives during the term.
Why should I buy term life insurance?
Term life insurance plan is one of the most affordable ways to cover your liabilities if you die during the term of the policy, so as not to let your dependents suffer from financial difficulties.
What are term life insurance advantages? / When is term life insurance the right choice?
1) Lower premium 2) Good for covering specific liabilities such as mortgages or needs of children.
What are term life insurance disadvantages?
1) Higher renewal premium as it is primarily age related. 2) No tangible benefits to the insured if he survives the policy duration
What is sum assured?
Sum assured is the death benefit i.e. the amount for which you have been insured for. This amount is payable only to the nominee in case of death of the insured person.
What should be ideal insurance cover for term life insurance?
What are the characteristics of term life insurance policies? How they impact the premium amount?
Will my final premium rates be the same as the rates quoted here?
Rates quoted on the website depend on the basic information you entered but the final rates are determined by the insurance company through a process called “underwriting”. Underwriting includes a review of your current health status, medical history and family history among other things. In the case that your risk category come out to be different that what you entered, the final rates may vary from the rates quoted by the website.
Is medical examination necessary for the term insurance?
Assessment of health risk is an important criterion to get life insurance. You may be required to undergo medical tests depending upon on the insurance company norms and sum assured. Generally for lower sum assured, medical tests may not be required. However, some insurance companies allow self-declaration about the medical condition in lieu of medical examination.
Is my life insurance policy convertible?
Many term life insurance policies are convertible to other traditional plans like endowment plans or money back plans etc. Convertible policies can generally be converted to permanent policies within a specified period of time from policy issue, without providing new evidence of insurability (unless you increase your benefits). It needs to be identified at the time of buying the policy for the convertibility feature.
What is rider?
Rider is an additional set of benefits that the customer may choose over and above the benefits provided by the base policy. The customer may pay additional premium to avail these benefits.
What is the Accidental Death Benefit rider?
The accidental death benefit rider is an optional policy provision where in event of death due to accident, an additional amount is paid by the insurance company. This amount is over and above the basic sum insured that the beneficiary will get for your term insurance.
What is the Waiver of Premium rider?
The waiver of premium rider is an optional provision that protects your life insurance policy to be cancelled in event of your total disability, even if you are not able to pay the premiums. The payment of life insurance policy's premium is waived off, while the insurance cover continues.
Can I take more than one term plan?
Yes, you can take more than one term insurance plan. Any pre-existing plan needs to be declared to the insurance company while purchasing the new one.

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